These 24 celebrities have already been to cryo! Number 3 will surprise you …

These 24 celebrities have already been to cryo! Number 3 will surprise you …

With celebrities in the spotlight 24/7, most don’t have time to recover from surgery. That’s why many opt for treatments that require no downtime. One of the most popular procedures among celebrities is CoolSculpting®.

This alternative method to liposuction has been shown to freeze and ultimately destroy fat cells without going under the knife. Many celebrities are jumping on this incredibly 100% gentle treatment and can’t get enough of it.

Here are some celebrities who have done CoolSculpting® and shared their experiences and love for the procedure.

‘After three weeks of CoolSculpting, the belly melted away.’

‘My belly is slowly getting flatter. I really feel like all the fat is melting away.’

‘In addition, the ex-professional boxer trusts in a beauty ritual called “CoolSculpting”. “I’ve done it three times in my life now,” she says with a laugh in the interview.’

‘You only feel it getting very cold, then nothing more. It is absolutely painless.’

‘She’s also a huge proponent of non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting and laser therapy.’

‘It’s the only way I can really relax, and not because I’m having my double chin done away with somehow.’

‘Carey explains how she was able to sculpt her body, saying, “I did it the conventional way of course – diet and CoolSculpting!”’

‘Among others, actress and model Molly Sims swears by the CoolSculpting method. […] After the beauty treatment, however, she is said to have regained her old form.’

‘Kris Jenner even has this treatment done during an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.’

‘By all accounts, the treatment was a success for Kris Jenner, just as it was for her daughter. She even had the treatment on camera, with daughter Kendall Jenner present.’

‘Recently Christina Aguilera came clean on how she managed to slim down without surgery. She admitted that she had invested $10,000 in Fat Freezing Lipo.’

‘Khloe stated she’d done CoolSculpting to treat stretch marks on her butt and she is a HUGE fan of it.’

‘The belly is gone. It didn’t work out with exercise and a healthy diet. I will have my old bikini figure again in the summer.’

‘Childhood star and former controversial actress expressed her experience with CoolSculpting on a video on Youtube. After CoolSculpting, she’s expressed a “love of all things cryo.”’

‘I had my fat frozen away. Fat Freezing. 30 per cent of the fat cells are broken down this way.’

‘The idea that you can freeze fat cells and they can disintegrate and then slowly leave the body is an incredible thing no matter your age.’

‘Despite still sticking to his training regimen of one meal a day before 5pm, the former athlete says CoolSculpting on his abdomen helped him get rid of what he called his “wine belly,” helping him stay trim and fashionable – and fit into all those outfits.’

‘The actress and philanthropist has recently become a spokesperson for Allergan, and says that the procedure (which she had done on her abdomen) helped her button her jeans again.’

‘Like Kristin Davis, she was keen on keeping her curves, but hated how swimsuits would dig into her hips. After a CoolSculpting hip treatment, she says she’s back to wearing swimsuits.’

‘Ian’s had CoolSculpting on his abdomen and love handles, and says he loves the way his shirts fit after the treatment.’

‘Ali Landry talked about CoolSculpting her belly on E! News. “I always had to wear Spanx to suck it in… two months later, I can see my waist again!”’

‘“Now I am finally happy with my body,” she says. “I have never felt so perfect.”’

‘I dropped in the other day to cosmos clinic to try out Coolsculpting!’

‘Micaela Schäfer not only put herself in the kilo fridge, but also tried the portable shock freezer: “CoolSculpting”.’

‘I love that there is a problem for stubborn fat that is non-invasive. I was not shamed for wanting to do this. Everyone around me is SO excited to see my results because they are curious to try it themselves. I trust Rand and appreciate her empowerment to have me feel the most confident version of myself.’

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