Injection lipolysis (fat-away injection) in Wolfsburg

Injection lipolysis

KOSMAGIC | Injection lipolysis (fat-away injection) in Wolfsburg

Injection lipolysis in Wolfsburg

The method of injection lipolysis, often referred to as ‘fat removal injection’, is an innovative and effective procedure for removing persistent body fat. It enables targeted treatment of problematic areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs or arms. Compared to conventional liposuction, injection lipolysis is a minimally invasive approach.



What is the fat removal injection?

Injection lipolysis is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure used to reduce small to medium fat deposits on various parts of the body. In this procedure, a specific fluid, usually a mixture of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid, is injected directly into the body fat tissue.

These agents dissolve fat cells, which the body then breaks down and eliminates on its own. The fat removal injection is often considered an alternative to classic liposuction, as it is less invasive and has a reduced risk of complications. However, it is more suitable for smaller fat deposits and not for large-scale fat reduction. The application of injection lipolysis is possible on various body regions, such as double chin, hips, abdomen or thighs.

Our prices

Hip (Love Handels)

from 19900 EUR


Cellulite, nasolabial folds, chin line, lateral fat depot

4500 EUR


(preliminary medical consultation necessary)

Abdominal reduction

from 19900 EUR


Double chin

from 9900 EUR



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Advantages of the fat-away injection

Because only tiny injections are needed, fat-routing injections are a minimally invasive procedure that usually gets patients back on their feet quickly.

The results of the fat removal injection are usually visible within a few weeks. The final result can be seen after about 3 months after the treatment.

As no major incisions are required, there are no visible scars with the fat-routing injection.

The fat-blasting syringe can target specific areas so that you can shape the result exactly as you want it.


Areas of application

The Fat Away Injection, also known as Injection Lipolysis, can be used to reduce excess fat in the following areas:

Double chin

This removes the fat under the chin to achieve a firmer and more youthful appearance.


By removing excess fat from the neck area, contouring can be improved and a more defined neck can be achieved.

Upper arms

Injection lipolysis helps to reduce the so-called ‘angled arms’ and tighten the appearance of the arms.


Fat deposits on the sides and upper back, often called ‘bra rolls’, can be reduced by this treatment.


The Fat Away Injection can break down unwanted fat deposits in the abdominal area to achieve a flatter and firmer abdomen.


By treating the hips, a slimmer silhouette can be achieved and the proportions of the body improved.

Upper thighs

Injection lipolysis can help to tighten the outer thighs and visually lengthen the legs.


Excess fat on the knees can be removed to improve the contour of the legs and give a firmer appearance.

Lower abdomen

The Fat Away Injection can reduce stubborn fat deposits in the lower abdominal area, which can be particularly helpful for women after pregnancy.


The treatment can help to tighten the buttocks and remove targeted fat deposits to achieve a harmonious body shape.

Inner thighs

Injection lipolysis can tighten the inner thighs and reduce the appearance of friction and discomfort from excess fat.


When is lipolysis useful?

The fat removal injection can be useful if:


You have small fat deposits that do not disappear despite exercise and a healthy diet.


You want to improve your body shape and create contour.


You are unhappy with your figure and are looking for a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.


You want to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.


The treatment process with us in Wolfsburg

You will be welcomed by our friendly and competent team in Wolfsburg and can discuss your wishes and concerns. We will inform you about the benefits and possible risks and decide together with you whether injection lipolysis is the right method for you or whether other treatments such as cryolipolysis are possible.

Before the treatment, a consultation is held with the attending doctor to discuss the desired results and any risks. Photos are taken to document the progress.

Depending on your preference, a superficial anaesthetic can be used to minimise pain.

The treatment consists of injecting local anaesthetics and enzymes into the treated area to destroy the fat cells.

There may be swelling and bruising, but you can be social again immediately.

At Kosmagic Aesthetics Studio Wolfsburg, we are always available to answer your questions and make sure you are happy with your results.



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KOSMAGIC | Injection lipolysis (fat-away injection) in Wolfsburg