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Partnership on an equal footing

Few people dare to take the step into self-employment, because legitimate questions often prevent them from setting up their own business. They are about to make the most important decision of their life:

  • Do I have enough resources to start my own business?
  • Am I a team player, a networker or a lone wolf?
  • Could it be an economic failure with financial consequences?
  • Is my seed capital sufficient?
  • Which business idea suits me and am I prepared to put up with a higher workload in the start-up phase?
  • How do I advertise my business and can I attract and motivate people?


We are certain that only an intensive discussion, and getting to know each other, will give both you as a potential franchisee and Kosmagic all the insights required to make a profitable decision.

Let’s look at the first questions together:

Can it become an economic failure with financial consequences and how do I promote my business?
Are my possibilities sufficient for the start of self-employment and which business idea suits me?
Is my seed capital sufficient?

Make an appointment with us to discuss, without any commitment, whether we can realise your dream together.

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